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17 Feb

Ledlow – LA Weekly

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At this rate, chef Josef Centeno will one day have a restaurant in every storefront in downtown L.A. The rapid creep of his closely grouped restaurant empire now includes Bäco Mercat, plus his mezcal-and-queso–fueled Tex-Mex spot Bar Amá around the corner, his tasting menu–only project Orsa and Winston (which is temporarily serving yakitori), and now his fourth venture within a two-block stretch, Ledlow.

Following the trajectory of Ledlow has been a little bit head-spinning. Last summer, Centeno announced that he would be taking over Pete’s, the space directly next door to Bäco Mercat, which had been serving diner-type food since 2002. The name would remain Pete’s. The building was renovated, the interior converted into a classic white-walled, tile-floored, light-filled space, anchored by a marble bar along the back wall. Then after opening, possibly because too many people wandered in and were confused by the new restaurant/old name, the name was changed to Ledlow Swan. Within a few days that name had been pared down to Ledlow.

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16 Feb

Ledlow – LA Weekly

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An underlying guiding principle of Americana is detectable, and some dishes on the menu are unequivocally classic: There are Parker House rolls that arrive in a cast iron skillet, golden on the outside and gorgeously fluffy on the inside, served with a side of pimento cheese made from an old-school recipe that produces a smooth cheese spread rather than the more of-the-moment chunky version. Nightly specials include serious throwbacks, such as beef stroganoff and turkey pot pie, made with care and hitting on all the comfort receptors you’d expect. Where chef Josef Centeno really hits his stride is with dishes that nod to the past but have just enough of this chef’s playful sensibility and penchant for bold flavoring that they feel both classic and modern. All photos by Anne Fishbein.

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20 Jan

Bombo – LA Times

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Mark Peel’s Bombo getting closer at Grand Central Market

Mark Peel’s Bombo is getting closer to dropping. That’s the name the chef has come up with for his new fish stand at the Grand Central Market.

“It’s Spanish for kettle drum,” Peel said, while shopping at International Marine Products downtown for fish for a pop-up dinner Tuesday night at Rascals.

“It’s kind of crossed over to become one of those onomatopoeia words that sound like what they mean, and now it’s crossed over into slang to mean something big, over-the-top and rich.  

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06 Jan

Animal, Gjelina, Orsa & Winston, Providence & Bar Ama – LA Eater

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The 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants, January 2015

Spanning Westside to Eastside, with eateries clustered around the best dining neighborhoods, this collection of elite restaurants aims to answer the question, “Can you recommend a place?” Eater will continue to update restaurants every few months, adding in eligible places that have been open for at least six months. There’s no particular order, except that the first 33 restaurants are listed alphabetically.

In this early 2015 edition, we swap in Night + Market for its newer sister in Silver Lake, Night + Market Song. Bar Ama joins the ranks while both Cliff’s Edge and Faith & Flower finally make the cut. Meanwhile, Hinoki & the Bird leaves the list after chef Kuniko Yagi steps away from the kitchen. Long time 38 residents AOC, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, and Osteria Mozza come off to make way for Roy Choi’s POT. Finally, Ludo Lefebvre’s terrific Petit Trois is finally eligible, adding a fine French bistro to the list.

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31 Dec

New School of Cooking – CBS Los Angeles

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Top Cooking Classes In Los Angeles

For those who like it, few things in life are as rewarding as cooking your own meal. Whether you’re a great chef / cook or not, there are plenty of classes to help you hone your technique and help you learn to cook a delicious meal. Whether you’re an experienced cook, a novice or anywhere in between, cooking classes are a great way to learn to cook, improve your culinary skills, meet like-minded foodies and have a lot of fun. We sampled some of the best cooking classes around town to get a feel for the “vibe.” Here were our favorites.

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