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14 Mar

Brids and Bees – LA Weekly

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Birds and Bees Brings L.A. Back to Its Cocktail Golden Era

If you haven’t heard the buzz, Birds & Bees is kind of a big deal. Not just because it serves classic cocktails in a dim, Don Draper–esque den that transports you to the 1950s. Not even because it’s another signifier of downtown L.A.’s culinary renaissance, or because it has a hidden, underground entrance in a random parking lot that makes you feel cool for knowing about it. All these things are true, but what’s really remarkable is how faithfully it synthesizes L.A.’s 1940s and ’50s cocktail history with contemporary tastes. The post-Prohibition era saw the best of tiki trends mixed with classic cocktails, all livened with fresh juices and homemade tinctures, and Birds & Bees increases the nostalgia factor with the addition of vermouth, brandy and sherry.

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06 Mar

Baco Shop – EaterLA

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Bäcoshop Is the Lunch Hero Culver City Needs Right Now

Superhero chef Josef Centeno unmasks his latest fast casual project

It’s almost time for Bäcoshop, the long-awaited downtown Culver City offering from chef Josef Centeno. The star restaurateur is known for owning a particularly busy block of Downtown with his restaurants Ledlow, PYT, Orsa & Winston, Bar Ama, and Bäco Mercat, but is now spinning off those bäco sandwiches with their own standalone casual space well to the west.

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06 Mar

Baco Shop – LA Times

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Bäcoshop, Josef Centeno’s Culver City fast-casual restaurant, opens Thursday

Coffee-rubbed steak with charred scallion crema; braised pork cooked with berbere Doro Wat-style; and buttermilk cucumbers with pickled grapes. This is how chef Josef Centeno does fast-casual dining.

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06 Jan

Tantris Yoga Studio – LA Weekly

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Russell Simmons’ New Yoga Studio Aims for Hot Yoga Nirvana

Entrepreneur Russell Simmons has never been shy about taking eclectic bits of high and low culture, remixing them and deftly rebranding them with his own modern twist. He’s done this successfully in music, fashion, entertainment — even veganism. Now, as a fairly new transplant, his latest endeavor, located where West Hollywood meets Beverly Hills, is Tantris, an ambitious reshaping of hot yoga as an all-inclusive lifestyle.

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21 Dec

CalAsia Holiday Greetings 2016

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Season’s greetings from the entire crew at CalAsia Construction, Inc.