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09 Jul

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Downtown is undeniably undergoing LA’s fastest facelift, but in a town of plastic and perfectionism, this neighborhood still offers up a refreshing cross section of gourmet and grit. These 13 bars and restaurants are prime examples. DTLA is basically the shockingly hip guy at your aunt’s wedding who smuggled in his own moonshine from that organic farm where he works in Wyoming; i.e., you might just fall in love.

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12 Jun

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How Providence Improbably Beat LA’s Fine-Dining Odds

Ten years in at the Los Angeles stalwart.

“There are always milestones or events that you’re working towards, and so time just flies,” says chef Michael Cimarusti, sitting at the bar of his 10-year-old Los Angeles restaurant Providence. Sitting next to him is Donato Poto, the upscale destination’s famously affable co-owner and general manager. “You look back and I remember the opening and what it was like — and even the planning stages — like it was yesterday, but I think that’s also a function of getting older. Time just flies by so quickly.” “I think we are not old,” Poto cuts in. “We are grown up.”

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11 Jun

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In buy priligy 60mg by John Murawski / June 11, 2015 / priligy purchase uk

Officine BRERA Promises to Be the Meatiest Italian Restaurant in Downtown

Opening this fall.

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10 Jun

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In buy priligy 60mg by John Murawski / June 10, 2015 / buy cheap priligy

After almost 20 years, Ammo restaurant is moving

ter nearly two decades, Ammo, Amy Sweeney’s original farm-to-table restaurant in Hollywood, is moving. Sweeney plans to open a new location on Melrose Avenue in late August, and will close the existing Ammo restaurant on July 25.

“We felt it was time to look for a new home that meets our needs for where our business is now,” Sweeney said in a statement.

“Our take-out and delivery business is steady and we’ve recently expanded our catering and events services and needed a space that would better support both a return to our roots and a new direction, while remaining in the area.”

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10 Jun

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15 great places for food lovers in Culver City

In the past decade or so, once-sleepy Culver City has blossomed into an exciting food destination. Part of this is because of the shrewd city planning — all those city parking garages and broad cafe table-ready sidewalks downtown. The Helms Bakery complex with its restaurants — and hot dog cart — is a big draw, too. But it’s also Culver City’s location close to freeways and main thoroughfares that bring people to the city’s restaurants, bakeries and shops.

Few other neighborhoods can claim a paleta shop, a Hawaiian-Korean mashup, a sleek Southeast Asian restaurant, a quirky independent wine shop and a decades-old restaurant supply shop in just a few blocks.

Next time you’re headed across the city east to west or vice versa, stop off in Culver City to explore some of the spots for food lovers on this list.

The pastry case at Copenhagen PastryCopenhagen Pastry — Worth a drive for the lightest, flakiest Danish pastries, this sparkling tiny shop always has samples out and a case filled with cinnamon rolls, custard and almond paste-filled kringle, and nougat crowns dotted with almond paste, custard and hazelnut cream. Spandauer adds almond flakes to the classic custard and loose almond paste filling. Get a few and a coffee to go and sit on the bench or the curb out front, savoring every bite of these exceptional pastries. And don’t forget to pick up a loaf of the whole-grain rye with black flax seeds, sunflower and sesame seeds. It’s terrific for breakfast at home with smoked salmon. The shop offers the option of ordering online and picking up at either this location or the shop in Pasadena. 11113 Washington Blvd., Culver City, (310) 839-8900, buy cheap priligy online.


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