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08 Jan

Froma on Melrose – LA Weekly

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Traditionally, Happy Hour hasn’t been the best time for gastronomes to find appealing early evening snacks. But at Froma, a small gourmet wine and food shop on Melrose Avenue in the Fairfax district, the Happy Hour menu offers plenty of stellar options.

“We wanted to bring in neighbors by offering them something affordable and good,” says Francine Diamond, an owner at Froma and a Canadian-born sommelier. “Happy Hour brings an atmosphere of joy to this place. People get excited and want to stay for more than just one thing.”

happy_hour_demolished (Copy)

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10 Sep

Corkbar – Los Angeles Mag.

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We like a wine bar with focus. Corkbar pours almost exclusively California wines. The taps dispense only California beers, and the spirit is altogether Californian

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20 Aug

The Black Boar –

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Chasing the newest trend can pay off, but guess wrong and you’re just stuck with an eco-friendly small-plate Korean/Italian taco truck with a built-in, underlit neon lounge soundtracked by MGMT… that nobody cares about. Ignoring the trendy wave to stay classic: The Black Boar

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11 Jul

Animal Restaurant – Food & Wine Mag.

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Why they won Because the duo have created a no-holds-barred meat-centric restaurant that has made L.A. excited to eat fried chicken livers.

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09 Jul

Gjelina – Interior Design Mag.

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Design for dessert. It’s not just the chef who earns a restaurant four stars.

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