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10 Sep

Corkbar – Los Angeles Mag.

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We like a wine bar with focus. Corkbar pours almost exclusively California wines. The taps dispense only California beers, and the spirit is altogether Californian

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20 Aug

The Black Boar –

In Restaurant Construction by John Murawski / August 20, 2009 / 0 Comments

Chasing the newest trend can pay off, but guess wrong and you’re just stuck with an eco-friendly small-plate Korean/Italian taco truck with a built-in, underlit neon lounge soundtracked by MGMT… that nobody cares about. Ignoring the trendy wave to stay classic: The Black Boar

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11 Jul

Animal Restaurant – Food & Wine Mag.

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Why they won Because the duo have created a no-holds-barred meat-centric restaurant that has made L.A. excited to eat fried chicken livers.

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09 Jul

Gjelina – Interior Design Mag.

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Design for dessert. It’s not just the chef who earns a restaurant four stars.

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06 May

Corkbar – Tasting Tables

In Commercial Building,Restaurant Construction by John Murawski / May 6, 2009 / 0 Comments

End of the Vine

Take a wine tour from Sonoma to Santa Barbara at Corkbar
L.A. has more wine bars than you can throw a corkscrew at, but only one focuses solely on the bounty of California: Corkbar. Set in the ground floor of the new EVO lofts Downtown, it’s a sleek, stylish place to try the best of wine country without having to hit the 101.

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