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04 Nov

Bar Amá, Bäco Mercat, Ledlow, Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse, Orsa & Winston & Seoul Sausage

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The Essential Guide to Downtown Los Angeles Restaurants

LA’s expansive landscape can be both a blessing and a curse. While its segmented neighborhoods allow for a great diversity of restaurants and vibrant fare, making long treks during peak dinner hours isn’t always a viable option. Enter Eater LA’s neighborhood guides, handy maps of essential restaurants grouped strictly by neighborhood boundaries.

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26 Oct

Bäco Mercat, Mozza Group, Animal & Providence – LA Weekly

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Essentials. Favorites. Bests. There are all kinds of ways to rank restaurants, and we do just about every one of them here at L.A. Weekly. One thing we haven’t done, until fairly recently, is rank the best restaurants in L.A., straight up. But we know that’s what the people want.

So, as a final bonus round of our Best of L.A. issue, which came out a few weeks back, we’re ranking the 20 best restaurants in L.A., straight up. Here are the places that shine brightest, that are not to be missed under any circumstances — culminating in the one we christened L.A.’s very best.

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18 Aug

Bäco Mercat – Discover Los Angeles

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The Best Sandwiches in Los Angeles: Summer 2015

wo slices of bread, balanced fillings and imagination is all it takes to create a satisfying sandwich, but great versions remain elusive. Luckily, Los Angeles has a legacy of classic sandwiches, including Langer’s Deli #19, Philippe the Original and Cole’s French dips, and the Bay Cities Godmother. Read on to learn about 20 multicultural destination sandwiches in L.A.

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17 Sep

Bäco Mercat – TimeOut Los Angeles

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Bäco Mercat

What started as a happy-hour snack has grown into one of the hottest, most relevant restaurants in town. Chef Josef Centeno’s first solo venture captures not only the zeitgeist of Downtown’s white-hot dining but also the incredible multiculti spirit of Los Angeles at large. Located in the Old Banking District, just around the corner from Skid Row and some of Downtown’s brightest emerging art galleries, the always-bustling restaurant is particularly jammed on Art Walk Thursday nights. But that’s also one of the best times to go. Housed in a historic building with vintage-looking tables and chairs, the quasi-industrial restaurant manages to look and feel as if it’s been around forever; when in reality, it opened in 2011.

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