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Dear Mr. Murawski,
I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to you and your team for the projects CalAsia had done for Marugame Udon thus far. While it is easy to see the quality workmanship demonstrated throughout our restaurants, it is the intangibles that I want to share with anyone who is considering partnering with CalAsia.

Chris Loh
Director of Development and Corporate Affairs

Dear Todd,

Great to hear from you. We will be watching with pleasure and glad to know that your full range of talents is being recognized.
Thanks, once again, for all you did to make our Library Foundation Store renovation a success. You made the difference and I am happy to report the store is dong well and has never looked better.
I hope that you will stop by when you are downtown and until then send all good wishes.


Dear John,

Thank you for your help and guidance throughout this entire process. You are a true professional and straight shooter which are important qualities that we value dearly. This was a complex project, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without you, Todd, Sae and the entire CalAsia team. Sae in particular was a pleasure to work with. His on the ground experience, ability to problem solve and focus on doing what’s best for the client were critical for getting our project completed. On top of all this he’s always punctual and extremely hard working.

Thank you again to the entire CalAsia team.

Dev Desai
Birds & Bees

Gus’s Fried Chicken

May 18, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

We had the privilege of working with Alan Lung on the construction of our 2nd Gus’s World Famous Fried
Chicken restaurant. Alan was an absolute pleasure to work with. We felt comfortable in his ability to
manage the buildout of our site while we were not present. His knowledge and capabilities proved to be
outstanding. Alan was always available and responsive to us, even outside of standard business hours.
Alan is extremely flexible and made us feel like he was part of our own team. We hope to have the
pleasure of working with Alan again.

Theresa Brennan
Director of Development
West Coast Chickenry

To the CalAsia Team,

I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the wonderful work CalAsia did in bringing our new Los Angeles store to life. This was a new design architecturally than our other stores with many custom details and finishes that were beautifully executed with expertise and professionalism and on a fast-tracked schedule! Curtis, Gerry, and Chan were a pleasure to work with and continued to answer every request while being respectful of budget and calendar. I highly recommend this team for any projects as they get the job done!

Thank you so much CalAsia and looking forward to future projects,

Rosa Hu
Trina Turk
Larchmont Store Project Manager


This was a complicated project, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without Grant and the CalAsia team. They played a key role in problem solving the unexpected issues, planning ahead for all the expected ones, and the level of detail and the organization coming out of the main office was much appreciated. On the next project I would consider having the CalAsia team coordinate much more of the project, so my team could continue to focus on what they are good at running great restaurants!

Michael Ainslie
Development and Construction Director
Gonzo Food Group / Pitfire Pizza