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16 Stellar Los Angeles Spots for Lunch, Fall 2016 In Los Angeles, lunch is a verb. People lunch with their friends, lunch with their business partners, and take midday meetings over arctic char salads near the beach. That’s why there are endless options for dining well in the middle of the day, from high-end business spots […]

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20 BEST RESTAURANTS IN LOS ANGELES Essentials. Favorites. Bests. There are all kinds of ways to rank restaurants, and we do just about every one of them here at L.A. Weekly. One thing we haven’t done, until fairly recently, is rank the best restaurants in L.A., straight up. But we know that’s what the people want. […]

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19 Mind-Blowing Signature Desserts in Los Angeles Among the plenitude of desserts in Los Angeles, some stand tall among the rest. Sometimes a mind-blowing sweet will show up in a place that you’re least expecting, like a chain steakhouse or a low-key seafood restaurant in the South Bay. Either way, these are the dessert that sugar […]