Cory Grosser + Associates
Cory Grosser + Associates


I wanted to send a big thank you to you and the entire Calasia team for helping bring our studio’s vision to
reality with two successful back to back projects. The first project, a high-end rapid prototyping lab for the tech
company, Supplyframe, and the second project a retail store in the Los Angeles Public Library, were both
completed with utmost care. Our modern and minimal style of design requires a high level of craft and
detailing, and Calasia has always been up to the task. The entire team showed professionalism and a
collaborative spirit throughout both projects. When difficult situations arose, as they always do, Calasia was
quick to help us resolve them as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our clients are happy with their respective
spaces and they have received many compliments on the execution. We look forward to working together again


Cory Grosser
Cory Grosser + Associates

Hi Gerlyn,

CalAsia was recommended to us by associates who had worked with John on several successful projects. From our initial meeting, we were impressed with John’s knowledge, organizational skills, and attention to detail.

Inventure Studios retained CalAsia to demo our building and construct new offices and studio facilities. John insured our exacting requirements for the studios were realized while working together with us to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

The final result is that we are thrilled with our state of the art post production facility, and would not hesitate to recommend CalAsia for future projects.


Chris Page

CalAsia Construction Inc.

It was indeed an exciting, energetic and motivating collaboration to work with CalAsia Construction in
XOC Tequila Grill and Tacoxoc restaurant projects at the Westfield Topanga Village in Woodland
Hills CA.

We are an exploration and innovation architecture and interiors firm, and need to work with builders
and contractors that get that, as well as being very respectful of budget and timeline, and Calasia
does it all. From the solid management team to the quality on subcontractors we were very happy
with the interpretations of our design, the proposed solutions for the multiple challenges, and the
general execution of our design intent and the unusual and one of a kind design elements that were
successfully implemented in this project by CalAsia’ team.

I have been fan of CalAsia’s work in other hospitality projects for a while, and when the opportunity
aroused I did not hesitate to recommend them to our clients, and after this experience I look forward
to do it again.


Jose Antonio Gonzalez

Through the years and by now through the three of my projects, I have been very pleased by John Murawski and his team at CalAsia. I sincerely appreciate his keen understanding of how to approach a project from the budgeting phase to realization, his long years of experience in the field and his dedication always give me a sense of -somewhat relaxation- knowing that the project will be well managed and delivered within schedule. John is very responsive and attentive to anticipate issues and communicating things through to my team and always having a well-thought solution to the ever arising challenges that occur while building a restaurant. I have recommended CalAsia often times  to others because of our satisfaction with their service.  I am very much a creature of habit and when I develope that kind of trust I tend to go back to same people over and over again. I hope I have the opportunity and the blessing to buld more restaurants in the future and I look forward to doing business with CalAsia for years to come.

Matteo Ferdinandi
chief executive officer

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide
Wolfgang Puck Worldwide

Dear John,
This letter is to express my thanks for all of the hard work that you have done for me on several of our restaurant projects over the last several years. Your diligence and personal attention on the projects has been appreciated. I wish you continued success and please do not hesitate to pass along my name as a reference to any of your potential clients.

Steve Magnie
Vice President, Design and Construction



Thank you for your follow-up and for the great job you and your team did on this project that is so important to all of us. Your unwavering attention to the important details and getting them turned into reality made all the difference.

Please extend our thanks and best wishes to Eduardo as well.