Burbank, California

Dear John
I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a terrific job on my restaurant. The construction was top notch, and this was the first time in my life that working with a contractor actually seemed simple rather than complicated with endless frustrating details.

In addition, your professional advice regarding such crucial operations elements as the flow of space, choosing the proper POS system and the BOH equipment for maximum efficiency, as well as the overall design (including your great recommendation for the big screen TV showing upscale food images), were invaluable. I feel like I got a business consultant as well as a contractor for the price of one! Anyway, thanks again. I'll be back in touch soon, as we're already starting to plan our second location.

Best regards,
Mark Kulkis

CalAsia and John Murawski,

I would like express our appreciation for your team's open lines of communication, attention to detail, thorough and timely project execution.

The experience was exactly what The Stave sought - "one" trusted and established partner (CalAsia) to oversee and execute the entire process from start to finish - schematic, design development, architectural drawings, rigorous bid process, MEP design, complete set of construction docs, initial permits, rough ins and final inspections.

A special thanks to a couple of your in house team: Micheal (architect) and Arnel (site supervisor). Both were diligent throughout and always available to explain and quickly resolve any hurdles - whether it be Onsite or at the City (Long Beach) level.

A fear when building out a raw space can be excessive "change orders". CalAsia kept them to an absolute minimum and that can be attributed in part to in house / city communication and in part to the professionalism, trust and quality of work exhibited by the Sub Contractors.

Since opening in Fall 2012, we have experienced no infrastructure issues and all the aesthetic (millwork, stonework, steelwork, upholstery etc) still look and feel great.

We highly recommend CalAsia to anyone looking for high quality and timely "design build" - whether you are building out your first space or a seasoned operator.


Garry Muir
President - The Stave, Inc.

Dear John,
I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all the hard work that you and your staff put in on my two projects, As I have already told you after going through the construction of Pasadena and Beverly Hills I am convinced that I rmade the right choice in choosing CALASIA and I will definitely be using you on all of my future projects, Each of your project superintendents were top notch and knew what they were doing every step of the way, Dave Graffarn in particular was very helpful. I have called him four or five times since we have been open with requests for little favors and Dave has always been right on the spot. He has come to the site and handled everything I needed, If ever you need a reference please feel free to give out rny name.

Very Sincerely,
Weston Suh

Anthony Eckelberry, Architect
Anthony Eckelberry, Architect

To Whom It May Concern,
As an architect, I have worked with John for a number of years on project with CALASIA and when he was working in another contracting firm, I have found him to be consistently a pleasure to work with and very professional in contracting work. He takes care in the bidding phase to see what may cost the client extra down the line and when we are under construction he makes sure issues that come up are taken care of in a real team spirit. The projects his firm takes on end up built as intended by the design. I heartily recommend John Murawski and his company. Please feel free to call me with any questions.

Anthony Eckelberry, AIA Architect

SF Jones Architect
SF Jones Architect

To Whom it may concern.
In the ten plus years that I have been working with John on numerous restaurants and other similar projects, I have found John to have a high levell of professional demeanor, is consistently fair, and maintains a detailed level of attention to the projects that we have worked on together. His knowledge of the construction process is unsurpassed and his ability to work though problems as a "team player" has been my primary reason for my continuous allegiance to work with him though out the years. I would highly recommend him as a general contractor.

Stephen F. Jones, AIA
SFJones Architects, Inc

Upper Ground Enterprises, Inc.
Upper Ground Enterprises, Inc.

To Whom It may concern:
CALASIA Construction was our contractor for the television show Hell's Kitchen. The show required that we built twin restaurant kitchens in an abandoned studio in under a month. Dave and the other folks at. CALASIA did an amazing job of demolitIon and reconstruction including extensive plumbing additions and connections and substantial electrical work in an extremely short period of time. They were always cooperative and responsive to changes that developed in this unusual job and key in solving problems in a timely fashion. Additionally when the design of the originall ventilation system proved to be insufficient, resulting in overheating or. the stage, CALASIA was able to find a crew that worked overnight to replace the orilginal duct work In order for us to start shooting the show exactly On time. GIven the size and scope of this effort that was an astonishing feat. I highly recommend CALASIA and would not hesitate to call them again for all other project.

Emeline F. Davis
Executive In Charge of Production
Hell's Kitchen