Chasing the newest trend can pay off, but guess wrong and you’re just stuck with an eco-friendly small-plate Korean/Italian taco truck with a built-in, underlit neon lounge soundtracked by MGMT… that nobody cares about. Ignoring the trendy wave to stay classic: The Black Boar

Opening today from some of the guys behind Laurel Tavern, The Griffin, and The Library Bar, The Black Boar’s a 1400sq ft bar patterned after timeless British pubs, with a fireplace presiding over a nearly all-wooden interior featuring banquette-abetted booths, simple bartop wood stools, and rectangular farmhouse tables imported from Jolly Ol’ England, all run by an extra-friendly staff — as the owner says, “no a**holes allowed,” so… see you outside! The boozy focus’s on beers, with eight $5 taps dedicated mostly to across-the-pond goodness: Old Speckled Hen, Strongbow, Fullers ESB, Fullers London Pride, Harp, and Murphy’s Stout round out the Brit suds, while Belgian Hoegaarden and Humboldt’s Lost Coast Downtown Brown Ale sit to the side, making orthodontist jokes under-their-breath. The brewy goodness doesn’t end there: bottles include Samuel Smith Lager, Fullers London Porter, and Wells Bombardier, all of which can be downed while watching soccer on the hard-to-find European sports channel Setanta on one of the three flat screens, or, more likely, while ignoring soccer from Setanta on all three of those flat screens.

Published on 8/20/2009

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