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13 Sep

Face Haus USC – UncoverLA

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USC Beauty Buffs on a Budget Can Now Get Luxe Facials at This Affordable Skincare Spa

Hey Trojans, here’s some Beauty 101: All of that study sesh caffeine ain’t so great for your epidermis, and while you might lose sleep over wallet woes and endless exams, at least your skin won’t looked super stressed. Budget-strapped students can now treat their visages on a dime at Face Haus, which opened its fourth fast facial bar in LA just north of campus at USC Village.

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21 Aug

Face Haus USC –

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What to Know About Face Haus, the Facial Bar for the People

Get to know the facial bar for the people!

Everything You Need to Know About Face Haus

There’s a new bar in town perfect for all your girls’ night out events, but it’s not the type of bar you’re thinking of.

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06 Jan

Tantris Yoga Studio – LA Weekly

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Russell Simmons’ New Yoga Studio Aims for Hot Yoga Nirvana

Entrepreneur Russell Simmons has never been shy about taking eclectic bits of high and low culture, remixing them and deftly rebranding them with his own modern twist. He’s done this successfully in music, fashion, entertainment — even veganism. Now, as a fairly new transplant, his latest endeavor, located where West Hollywood meets Beverly Hills, is Tantris, an ambitious reshaping of hot yoga as an all-inclusive lifestyle.

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31 Aug

Sprinkles Cupcakes – Thrillist

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As the great philosopher Tom Petty once said: “The waiting is the hardest part.” In Southern California, “the waiting” seems to happen on a daily basis. There’s the wait in traffic, the wait in line, the wait on hold… and then there’s the wait for food. We’ve all seen people lined up to get into a restaurant and probably wondered, “Is the food really worth it?”

Well we decided to find out: we checked out around a dozen popular eateries where people commonly queue up to see which ones were actually worth the wait.

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28 Aug

Tar Pit – Thrillist

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Over the last 25 years, Los Angeles has seen its fair share of bar turnover. And while any LA bar closing sucks, some just suck a little more than others. These are the suckiest of the bunch: the 22 shuttered LA bars we miss the most, from St. Nick’s and Lola’s, to Saints & Sinners and The Roxbury on Sunset.

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