Downtown LA’s Honeycut Cocktail Lounge Pivots Into Space-Tiki Concept

It’s called The Deep End

Honeycut’s dark cocktail lounge, adjacent to its boisterous and colorful dance floor, was the moodier, grown up part of the Financial District nightclub. But those days will soon come to an end as founders Proprietors, LLC and 213 Hospitality re-concept the place into THE DEEP END in April.

With a kind of psychedelic, space-like take on Tiki-culture (they’re calling it post-Tiki), The Deep End draws from Trader Vic’s and Donn Beach (two seminal founders of the Tiki cocktail movement) and throws in a bit of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust fantasy.

Here’s what they’re saying about the place, verbatim:

The secrets of the South Pacific have all been unlocked. With the allure of that frontier all but exhausted, the team asked themselves, how do we take our guests out beyond the furthest reaches imaginable? How can we curate an experience that does not exist, and may never exist at all? How can we take guests behind the curtain, show them the wizard, and in that moment reveal the infinite possibilities that keep our imaginations ever-piqued?

Hm. OK. Either way, the seasoned team behind The Normandie Club and The Walker Inn (Eater’s 2015 Bar of the Year) has some surprising reveals come next month. The team includes Alex Day, David Kaplan, Devon Tarby, plus David Fernie and Mary Barltlett, all of whom plan to contribute to a new kind of Tiki cocktail experience.

Don’t worry about the disco/dance floor section of Honeycut, because it looks like that part will remain unchanged. Once The Deep End does goes into action, it’ll run Sunday to Wednesday evenings.

Source: LA Eater