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11 Nov

Plan Check – LA Eater

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Watch Plan Check’s Chef Make His Signature Burger, Ketchup Leather and All

Ernesto Uchimura whips up a couple of classic dishes.

Ever want to know how the ketchup leather at Plan Check gets made? Or see chef Ernesto Uchimura put together one of his signature fried chicken sandwiches on the spot? Here’s your chance, thanks to the fine folks at Food Steez.

The YouTube team behind other make-the-food videos like Mainland Poké, Food Steez is back at it in the kitchen of Plan Check on Fairfax putting together the restaurant’s signature dehydrated ketchup (aka ketchup leather) strips, burgers, and yes, fried chicken sandwiches. It’s lunchtime envy at its finest.

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31 Aug

Dudley Market – Thrillist

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You were super busy this August and didn’t have time to hit any of LA’s best new restaurants (Photoshopping “Straight Outta…” memes takes time, we get it). The good news is LA’s best new spots haven’t gone anywhere. (Well, other than onto this list of the 11 hottest restaurant debuts of August.)

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11 Aug

Plan Check – LA Eater

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Plan Check Marks the Westside Off Its List With Upcoming Santa Monica Outlet

Even more burgers, and maybe even some seafood, by the beach.

Right on cue, it looks like Plan Check is ready for another location. The ultra-popular burger and beer spot first launched on Sawtelle several years ago, and has since jumped to Fairfax and even Downtown — with a fourth location in Old Town Pasadena still to come — but news today reveals a fifth location in Santa Monica is in the works.

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01 Jun

The Oinkster – LA Eater

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The Oinkster’s Annual Burger Week Goes Big With Seven Days of Meat Overload

Massive burgers abound.

The Oinkster’s now-annual Burger Week starts today, and brings with it a slew of meaty offerings across both locations in Eagle Rock and Hollywood. What started five years ago as a sorta quiet burger party out at the original location has blossomed into a beloved ongoing tradition, where #BurgerLords who eat each new daily burger earn swag and high cholesterol, while mere one-day participants get the option to dine on one-off options approved by owner Andre Guerrero himself.

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13 Apr

Animal, Ledlow & Plan Check – LA Eater

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The Hottest Burgers in Los Angeles, 2015

While Los Angeles watches food trends come and go, there will always be an eternal respect for the classic burger. Inherent in the burger is a sense of nostalgia and tradition that holds true even in the city marked by fast-changing fads. The City of Angels has seen a resurgence of classic burgers, and while a few restaurants are certainly taking liberties with their iterations, most are utilizing a straightforward approach that truly lets the individual components shine. Here now, the hottest burgers in Los Angeles, in no particular order:

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