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The Best Restaurant Contractors in Los Angeles The Los Angeles restaurant scene is evolving faster than ever. As celebrity chefs open everything from opulent dining rooms to taco joints modeled after beach shacks, design and construction have become as important as the menu items in establishing an L.A. eatery’s identity and determining its success.

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20 BEST RESTAURANTS IN LOS ANGELES Essentials. Favorites. Bests. There are all kinds of ways to rank restaurants, and we do just about every one of them here at L.A. Weekly. One thing we haven’t done, until fairly recently, is rank the best restaurants in L.A., straight up. But we know that’s what the people want. […]

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101 Best Restaurants in America for 2015 It feels truer with each year that passes: It becomes more and more difficult to rank America’s best restaurants — and we say that having done it for half a decade. As interest in dining out increases, and more great chefs train younger good ones, fantastic food continues […]