Bäco Mercat, Mozza Group, Animal & Providence – LA Weekly

20 BEST RESTAURANTS IN LOS ANGELES Essentials. Favorites. Bests. There are all kinds of ways to rank restaurants, and we do just about every one of them here at L.A. Weekly. One thing we haven’t done, until fairly recently, is rank the best restaurants in L.A., straight up. But we know that’s what the people want. […]

Providence & Bar Amá – LA Eater

The 22 Best Restaurant Bars in Los Angeles, Mapped Yesterday we compiled the most important cocktail bars in Los Angeles, places that mainly exist to serve drinks. Today, for Cocktail Week, Eater LA builds a compilation of restaurants that have stellar cocktails, the kind of drinks that you’d be happy to drink in a standalone bar. Instead, […]

Animal & Providence – Thrillist

THE BEST PLACES TO EAT IN LA RIGHT NOW Sure, every month we tell you LA’s best new openings of the month, but “new” doesn’t always mean “best.” That’s why we’re introducing Eat Seeker, our list of the 20 best restaurants in the city right now (trucks were disqualified), which we’ll update when there’s something […]

Orsa & Winston, Animal, Providence & Ledlow – LA Eater

The 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants, October 2015 Spanning Westside to Eastside, with eateries clustered around the best dining neighborhoods, this collection of elite restaurants aims to answer the question, “Can you recommend a place?” Eater will continue to update restaurants every few months, adding in eligible places that have been open for at least […]

Providence – LA Times

Been saving up for Providence? Go now. Plus, an Eastside food festival e following are two food events you need to know about. One is super fancy; the other is not. And both deserve a spot on your calendar. Michael Cimarusti is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Providence, his Melrose Avenue restaurant, which has been […]

Providence – LA Eater

How Providence Improbably Beat LA’s Fine-Dining Odds Ten years in at the Los Angeles stalwart. “There are always milestones or events that you’re working towards, and so time just flies,” says chef Michael Cimarusti, sitting at the bar of his 10-year-old Los Angeles restaurant Providence. Sitting next to him is Donato Poto, the upscale destination’s famously […]