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08 Sep

Seoul Sausage Co. – LA Eater

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Seoul Sausage Co. Debuts Tonight in Little Tokyo With Makgeoli Cocktails and Dad Beers

The super cool space has a great inside-outside feel.

Seoul Sausage Co. hosted friends and family, plus a sleeper soft opening through Labor Day, offering an expanded version of their Little Tokyo menu. That means more than sausages in a bun, though their trademark is still the bedrock of the menu.

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03 Sep

Plan Check & Seoul Sausage – LA Eater

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The 16 Best Fried Chicken Dishes in Los Angeles

There’s no doubt fried chicken sandwiches are having a moment in the culinary scene, what with the Fuku vs ChickenShack rivalry making waves in New York and, of course, LA’s own spread of its phenomenal varieties. Sometimes though, you just need to dig in to a good ol’ bucket of the stuff, trading buns for waffles or classic sides. We asked Eater readers for their favorite fried chicken jointsin the city, and curated this list of the 16 best plates of fried chicken in Los Angeles, listed in no particular order:

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02 Sep

Ledlow & Animal Restaurant – Zagat

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Burger of the Week Recap: Great New Burgers to Try Around LA

There are just as many new burgers on the dining scene in LA as there are restaurants, and no one’s complaining. We happen to love a great burger, be it beef, chicken, turkey or, sure, we’ll even do a veggie burger if it’s really, really good. Lately we’ve been seeking out some of the best new burgers on the scene in a new weekly series, some of which we highlight here. Did you know Ludovic Lefebvre has a burger at Petit Trois? You do now. Read on.

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01 Sep

Wurstküche, Tender Greens, The Oinkster & Lemonade – Zagat

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The 10 Hottest Fast-Casual Chains in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the birthplace of many delicious things, such as chopped salads and French dip sandwiches, but it’s also ground zero for growing chains that go beyond the norm. These burgeoning businesses, serving fresh-from-the-farm salads, quick-fire customizable pizzas and loaded hot dogs, have multiplied across the culinary landscape. And for that, we’re eternally grateful. But don’t take our word for it. When it came time to pick the top 10 fast-casual chains around LA, we asked our readers for their favorites in our recent survey. The results are in, and they focus on high-quality, counter-service restaurants with between two and 50 locations locally and nationally. Here’s what made your list.

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20 Aug

Bar Ama – LA Weekly

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Brunch is done well in Los Angeles, a town that’s experienced in mash-ups. Blending two of the day’s meals in one, brunch is an invitation to flout what you may think you know about breakfast or lunch. In L.A., the brunch’s history is less in line with the New York City tradition of eggs Benedict or bagels with lox and more attuned to Hollywood circa 1930s, when stars made late-morning meals a part of their daily itineraries. That may explain why the L.A. brunch seems so ready to roll with the punches of late nights and later mornings, defined as much by its social nature as by what’s on your plate.

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