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Broxton is the latest effort from the ABC team

Here’s a first inside look at Broxton, the sunny new brewpub taking up residence right in the heart of Westwood. The Artisanal Brewers Collective took over the former Yamato space way back in 2016, and are now almost ready to reveal the makeover.

Much like most other ABC properties, Broxton is set up to function as an operational on-site small batch brewery as well as a restaurant. There’s a seven-barrel system built right into the bi-level space, giving drinkers a view of the process while they dine and drink from 16 different on tap beers — both those made on-site and from other ABC properties around the city like 6th & La Brea or The Stalking Horse.
Diners can actually catch the action in a variety of ways from the 4,100 square foot Janss Dome building. There’s a more subdued second floor balcony overlooking the main room, a group of communal tables downstairs, the three-quarter bar, and a patio with larger views of Westwood. There will also be a small takeaway counter with simple premade meals and a separate entrance from the street.

buy priligy canada Broxton|Broxton

As for the food, expect Broxton to go back to basics with a “meat and three” idea, wherein diners get one protein — wood-grilled steak, say — plus side salads, a biscuit, and the like. There will of course be vegan options galore, as well as comfort food staples like mac and cheese and a Nashville-style hot chicken sandwich. Add in the beer or something from the full bar to round out the meal.

There’s no official opening date for Broxton just yet, but reps say an opening should come next month. When that happens, expect hours from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. or later, with brunch on weekends as well (closed Tuesdays).

buy priligy in india. 1099 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

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