American Tea Room’s Ultra Hip Warehouse Lounge Now Serving in Arts District

Just steps from Stumptown, Bestia, and Factory Kitchen.

Though first anticipated to arrive this past spring, the final American Tea Room in the Arts District certainly seems to have been worth the wait. Packed with sky-high shelves full of exotic tea blends and an open-format seating area that reaches to the rafters, this new 5,600 square foot Downtown destination works for casual tea drinkers and hardcore enthusiasts alike.

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Sporting a generous outdoor patio, lush interior seating, and endless options — including butter tea, tea-infused cocktails, and pastries from Valerie Confections — the newest shop from owner David Barenholtz is nestled right in the thick of the Arts District. The shop, situated not far from Bestia, Stumptown, and Factory Kitchen, immediately becomes a worthwhile destination for anyone looking to escape the city’s glut of coffee houses for something a bit more elegant.

The American Tea Room is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Later this year, a third shop (the first is in Beverly Hills) will also debut at Fashion Island in Orange County, with New York City to follow in 2016.

American Tea Room Arts District
909 S. Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

Source: LA Eater