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09 Jul

Beelman’s Pub & The Lash – Thrillist

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Downtown is undeniably undergoing LA’s fastest facelift, but in a town of plastic and perfectionism, this neighborhood still offers up a refreshing cross section of gourmet and grit. These 13 bars and restaurants are prime examples. DTLA is basically the shockingly hip guy at your aunt’s wedding who smuggled in his own moonshine from that organic farm where he works in Wyoming; i.e., you might just fall in love.

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12 Jun

Providence – LA Eater

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How Providence Improbably Beat LA’s Fine-Dining Odds

Ten years in at the Los Angeles stalwart.

“There are always milestones or events that you’re working towards, and so time just flies,” says chef Michael Cimarusti, sitting at the bar of his 10-year-old Los Angeles restaurant Providence. Sitting next to him is Donato Poto, the upscale destination’s famously affable co-owner and general manager. “You look back and I remember the opening and what it was like — and even the planning stages — like it was yesterday, but I think that’s also a function of getting older. Time just flies by so quickly.” “I think we are not old,” Poto cuts in. “We are grown up.”

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08 Jun

Baco Mercat Los Angeles – QG Magazine

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The Perfect Night Out: The 12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013

In Los Angeles, which is becoming the shared-plate capital of America, no restaurant carries out the concept as imaginatively and flawlessly as Bäco Mercat. Give chef Josef Centeno a few square inches for plating and something startling appears, a mesmerizing amalgam of influences that seem based in America but travel worldwide.

The pan-seared rib eye at Bäco Mercat.

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08 Jun

Greenleaf Hollywood – LA Travel Maganize

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Can a restaurant be both diet conscious and indulgent? Can farmhouse style be sleek? Greenleaf’s newest location in the heart of Hollywood answers those questions with a very firm yes. Their gourmet approach to health-oriented cuisine proves that casual dining doesn’t mean a lack of style. While sipping a spicy margarita and snacking on wild mushroom truffle pizza around an outdoor fireplace, it is easy to completely forget that Greenleaf is a health restaurant.

“Our mission is to make the modern dining experience healthy, delicious and enjoyable,” says Greenleaf Founder, Owner and “Commander in Leaf” Jonathan Rollo. “This means that Greenleaf is continuously evolving the concept while focusing on fresh, organic and local ingredients as the foundation for delectable dishes.”

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01 Apr

Animal, Osteria Mozza & Providence – The Daily Meal

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101 Best Restaurants in America for 2015

It feels truer with each year that passes: It becomes more and more difficult to rank America’s best restaurants — and we say that having done it for half a decade. As interest in dining out increases, and more great chefs train younger good ones, fantastic food continues to spread across America. Exceptional culinary landscapes in big cities get better, and new and different dining scenes are born and in turn attract and inspire more greatness from a growing number of talented cooks. It makes trying to rank the country’s best restaurants all the more challenging, but also all the more worthwhile and intriguing.

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