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21 Dec

Las Palmas – Architectural Digest

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A bathroom to change it ALL

What if we just focus on the bathrooms? Could I change the whole house? That’s what this couple looked for when they turned to the Life.Style studio. Result: four bathrooms, four styles, total renovation!

Sometimes none, forgotten and delayed in our reforms, in the bathroom lies part of the essence of a home. Because we may not have thought about it, but what if we just changed the bathroom? Would not we be left with a house as new (or at least our feeling would be!)? At least that was the way the owners of this American home, a couple who had just had a new child and who looked for new airs to receive it.

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15 Oct

1+3=1House | Architectural Record

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How do you triple the size of a house when it sits on a small lot in Venice, California? Young Los Angeles architects Steffen Leisner, Ali Jeevanjee, and Phillip Trigas faced this challenge when they collaborated on expanding a house for a couple living in a 970-square-foot, avocado-colored Venice bungalow with shingled siding and a hiedroof near Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the town’s vibrant central drag.The owners-a filmmaker and a multimedia artist-asked the architects to provide them with 2,500 square feet of new space on the bungalow’s long, narrow lot, including living and office areas as well as an art studio and rental unit.

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15 Aug

624 California, Venice – Architect News

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Gentrification can occasionally foster good design rather than vulgar excess. As the humble cottages on narrow lots in Venice rise past the $1 million mark, the challenge for architects is to satisfy the expectations of new buyers without destroying the character of the community. Inevitably, some developers have maxed out their sites with dumb boxes, but it’s exciting to see how other people have curbed their greed and developed inventive solutions.

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01 Apr

1+3=1 House – L.A. Architect Mag.

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Maximizing building square footage while keeping the existing bungalow was the principal programmatic objective for this project thus a “subtractive design” strategy was produced. A series of strategic volumetric operations was applied to realize the client’s needs and architectural goals.

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