Gresescent: Serving Ice Cream Magic In DTLA

Gresescent opens in DTLA and they’re serving lots of fresh velvety ice cream magic

As a kid, I enjoyed to chant, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” I usually did this when, a) ice cream was involved, or b) I wanted ice cream involved. So touche. We all have our moments, and mine just so happened to revolve around ice cream. Why? Because ice cream is delicious and special. It’s a simple pastime that’s easily enjoyed by everyone regardless of age. Qualities like those are what make Gresescent a memorable and tasty place that will make you fall in love with ice cream all over again. They’re centrally in South Park on 8th and Olive Street, close to all the construction, but don’t let that ward you off. Recently, I had the chance to meet with Gresescent’s co-founder Justin Chung to talk about the magic of ice cream, and what makes Gresescent, Gresescent (pronounced: “gres-uh-suh-nt”). There’s more to a name than meets the eye.

Justin Chung, Co-founder of Gresescent | Photo: Jovanni Cortez

HiDTLA: How long has Gresescent been around?

Justin Chung: We started making original flavors around two years ago, selling them in farmers market for about a year, and now we have our first retail location in DTLA.

HiDTLA: What’s the inspiration behind the name?

JC: The name, “Gresescent” has a funny story behind it. It originated from a childhood prank for one of our co-founders. When he was a child, he made up this fancy sounding word – “gresescent.” He used to go around to all the ice cream stores and ask the workers if their ice cream was “gresescent.”  A lot of workers would say, “yes, it’s gresescent,” because the word sounds fancy, and they didn’t want to come off as stupid. He found that really funny as a child. When he grew up, he decided to start his own ice cream business and name it, “Gresescent.”

Eager customers gathered around waiting to taste the magic of Gresescent | Photo: Jovanni Cortez

HiDTLA: What’s does Gresescent mean?

JC: Gresescent means, “delightfully thick, creamy and vanishingly dense. The perfect texture of ice cream.”

HiDTLA: What makes your ice cream stand out from competitors?

JC: One thing that makes us stand out, is the texture of our ice cream. We pay close attention to it. Unlike other ice creams out there, ours has no air in it. A lot of ice creams put air in theirs to make it fluffy, but we do not use any air in ours which makes it rich, creamy, thick and dense.

HiDTLA: Are all flavors made in-house?

JC: All ingredients are fresh and made in-house. Everything, minus the cookies in the Vanilla Bean Cookies and Cream.

Choose your size, get a pint and/or Chef’s Cone | Photo: Jovanni Cortez

HiDTLA: How many flavors do you currently have, and how many do you plan to have in-store?

JC: We currently have a total of twenty-four flavors, but only ten of them will be available per day. We realize it’s overwhelming when there are too many options available, which is why we plan on rotating flavors. They’ll either change weekly or based off demand.

HiDTLA: What flavors are customer favorites?

JC: Grilled Pineapple and Bourbon Caramel, Blackberry Mint Mojito, and Honey Hazelnut Pistachio.

Grilled Pineapple and Bourbon Caramel and Blackberry Mint Mojito | Photo: Jovanni Cortez

HiDTLA: When I walked in, I noticed the words “magic” or “magical” written on the wall and mentioned in your brochure. What makes Gresescent so magical?

JC: Ice cream is like a diamond, most beautiful in its purest state, and can only be fully enjoyed when there are no blemishes hiding its natural beauty. That’s when you can taste all its flavors completely, creating a magical and delicious experience.

HiDTLA: How do customers determine what size they want?

JC: Customer’s can either taste, enjoy or indulge. Whichever option you pick determines how many scoops you get. If that becomes too much, you can always ask for a pint or Chef’s Cone.

You Deserve Ice Cream | Photo: Jovanni Cortez

Now you know what makes Gresescent so rich, creamy, whimsical and magical. When Justin says they truly care about the texture of their ice cream, they definitely mean it. You can taste it in each bite that is so delectable luscious, mouth watering, smooth and delicious.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, do yourself a favor and put “Gresescent” on your “To Do List.”  Your taste buds will thank you later, and so will your friends (if you decide to take one with you). Share the magic, and when you go, be sure to tell them that Happening in DTLA sent you! Find out more about the magic of Gresescent by visiting theirwebsite, or by following them on Instagram.

All Images Taken By Jovanni Cortez Unless Stated Otherwise

Gresescent | 850 S. Olive Street | Los Angeles, CA 90014 | 213.986.7379 | Email

Open Daily

Monday – Wednesday 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Thursday – Saturday 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM