15-Year Old Steakhouse Nick & Stef’s Goes Dark For Months-Long Overhaul

It’s a complete redo Downtown on Bunker Hill, inside and out.

Downtown steakhouse Nick & Stef’s is closing up in anticipation of a complete summer overhaul. The well-heeled house of dry-aged meats on cushy Bunker Hill has occupied prime real estate near the city’s financial hub for more than 15 years, so it makes sense that the Patina Group restaurant would need a little touching up

Service will continue on until May 31, at which point the entire operation will turn off until the remodel is complete, which should last until September or October. It’s a long time to go dormant, but with the changing landscape downtown (including the upcoming addition of Otium not far away) the move seems necessary. Once up and running, look for a new menu as well as a brand new interior, plus some rebranding tweaks to really round out the new feel.

Until then, FoodGPS says that you can still swing through for a taste of their May-only steakhouse burger, created by executive chef Megan Logan for Burger Month, which is apparently right now. It’s $21, but looks to be worth every penny.

Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse

330 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90071213-680-0330

Source: LA Eater