Newly Appointed Pastry Chef Jessie Liu Refreshes Providence’s Dessert Menu

Think soy sauce-enhanced ice cream and black sesame bonbons.

One of the last remaining restaurants holding down LA’s fine dining scene, Providence has a newly appointed pastry chef commanding its ovens. Jessie Liu, at the fresh age of 28, cut her teeth at Bouchon Bakery in Yountville before training under Providence’s former pastry chef David Rodriguez.

With a knack for Japanese flair, Jessie incorporates savory components into her dishes that complement the Asian influence in Michael Cimarusti’s cuisine. There’s lychee shiso sortbet with soy milk and kalamansi for the more obvious Asian touch, but also more subtle additions like soy sauce-enhanced ice cream and black sesame bonbons.

While sadly Providence’s beloved dessert tasting menu is still MIA, ordering across the dessert menu with options like the PB & J with brioche ice cream and A Napa Hillside with chamomile, honey, bee pollen, and mustard, is a stellar, albeit cerebral, way to conclude your meal.


5955 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Source: LA Eater