Factory Kitchen team’s new Officine Brera to bring ‘fog cuisine’ to downtown

Ever heard of “fog cuisine”?

Living in SoCal, probably not. According to Factory Kitchen chef Angelo Auriana, it’s food that benefits from the fog that gathers near rivers and marshes. And it’s the concept behind his new downtown restaurant, Officine Brera.

Yes, the man whose mandilli di seta (handkerchief pasta, ligurian almond basil pesto,fiore sardo) you’ve been obsessing over for the last two years is working on a new project. He and Factory Kitchen CEO Matteo Ferdinandi plan to open the new space just around the corner from Factory Kitchen, in the Factory Place Arts Complex. 

Officine Brera is the concept Auriana says he wanted to do when he and Ferdinandi first came to the downtown arts complex, but the space wasn’t ready. The building now housing Factory Kitchen was ready, so they went ahead with that concept first.

The Officine Brera menu will focus on the Po river, the longest river in Italy, and the foods that grow in and around it, including rice. Auriana says there will be a specific section of the menu devoted to rice.

The main focus of the restaurant’s open kitchen will be the different sources of fire, including a wood oven, rotisserie and wood grill.

“It’s about fire plus water plus fog,” said Auriana.

The restaurant will feature a main dining room, a casual patio area entered off an alley of 6th Street, a bar, another patio area and two private dining rooms.

Auriana says he was inspired by the interaction between the artists and chefs in Milan during the ’70s and ’80s.
“Some of the artists, because they didn’t get famous yet, didn’t have so much money,” said Auriana. “So restaurants would take a few pieces of art in exchange for food. I love the idea of chefs and artists eating at the same table.”

The restaurant will take cash or credit cards, but Auriana isn’t ruling out paying with artwork. At least not entirely.

“That’s to be discussed,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t see why not.”

Attached to the restaurant space is another smaller room with an entrance off 6th Street. Auriana is waiting to see what the neighborhood needs before opening this area. Depending on what’s being built on 6th Street, it could be an event/gallery space, or a small cafe.

If all goes well, Auriana says construction on Officine Brera will be finished in October, and the restaurant will open in late October or early November.

Source: LA Times