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01 Oct

Wurstküche – Thrillist

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Most people might not want to go to a sausage fest, or see how sausage is made, or order it instead of bacon at breakfast, but no matter how intestine-cased or phallic-looking it is, we here at Thrillist have a deep love and admiration for the humble sausage. Few meats walk the tightrope between traditionalism and creativity quite like it, and to celebrate this dichotomy we’ve compiled a list of the 21 best sausage purveyors in the country.

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01 Sep

Wurstküche, Tender Greens, The Oinkster & Lemonade – Zagat

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The 10 Hottest Fast-Casual Chains in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the birthplace of many delicious things, such as chopped salads and French dip sandwiches, but it’s also ground zero for growing chains that go beyond the norm. These burgeoning businesses, serving fresh-from-the-farm salads, quick-fire customizable pizzas and loaded hot dogs, have multiplied across the culinary landscape. And for that, we’re eternally grateful. But don’t take our word for it. When it came time to pick the top 10 fast-casual chains around LA, we asked our readers for their favorites in our recent survey. The results are in, and they focus on high-quality, counter-service restaurants with between two and 50 locations locally and nationally. Here’s what made your list.

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19 Feb

Wurstkuche – The Denver Post

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Wurstküche, a hit in California, seeks to woo Denver diners

Wurstküche, a Californian twist on the traditional German sausage grill and beer hall, plans to open Monday at the edge of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood.

“There’s no polka, but there will be DJs on Friday and Saturday nights,” said Tyler Wilson, who launched the first Wurstküche in 2008 in the Los Angeles Arts District with cousin Joseph Pitruzzelli.

The L.A. restaurant serves more than than 5,000 meals a week, and its success allowed the pair to expand, first to Venice Beach in 2011 and now Denver, at 2036 Broadway.

The craft focus at Wurstküche isn’t on the beer but rather the sausages. They range from a traditional bratwurst and bockwurst for $6, to gourmet offerings such as mango jalapeño with chicken and turkey for $7, to more exotic rattlesnake and rabbit or pheasant with herbs for $8.

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04 Feb

Wurstkuche – LA Weekly

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Sausage exotica: A link of buffalo, beef, pork and chipotle peppers topped with more peppers and served with fries and plenty of beer. - Anne Fishbein

Sausage exotica: A link of buffalo, beef, pork and chipotle peppers topped with more peppers and served with fries and plenty of beer. – Anne Fishbein

There may be no more universal pleasure in the world of meat than a well-made sausage plucked straight from the fire, filmed with a bubbling mantle of grease, and thrust at you when it is still so hot that you bobble it back and forth between your hands because you are afraid of scorching your fingers. If it has been cooked properly, the skin — natural casing, of course — crackles under your teeth before it gives way with a distinct, almost audible pop, and your mouth is flooded with torrents of burning juice, garlicky and rich, with a touch of hot spice and the sweet, carnal essence of flesh. Such a sausage demands beer. And then another sausage. And then another beer. Repeat until full.

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