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The two things you do basically every weekend in LA: 1) go to brunch, and 2) get in an argument about where you’re going for brunch. Want to win the argument? Suggest any of these new brunches — all of which are on the verge of blowing up the brunch game — and then revel in self-satisfaction at being right, for once.

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Hitting the beach? First, hit this ultra-hyped newcomer’s just-soft-launched brunch, which includes brown-butter pancakes with whipped coconut and sea-salt vanilla butter, and a Korean latke (!… ???) with crème fraîche.

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WHAT? One of buy priligy priligy has BRUNCH? Yep: classic French toast, eggs and bacon, and, oh yeah, free sangria. No password necessary, either.

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Listen close: they’re making churro-batter waffles here. You need no more information than that.

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Santa Monica
Seriously, what’s up with these new SaMo spots busting out great brunch? We’re not complaining, especially when they’ve got a pastrami and egg sandwich on the menu.

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You see that cart pictured above?? Everything on it is FREE at brunch when you’re ordering other fancy stuff like smoked salmon eggs Benedict and breakfast sliders topped with quail egg. Oh, also? Bloody Mary cart. Boom.

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Santa Monica
Three courses for $15.95? That’s a great deal at this on-the-border-of-SaMo-and-WLA Mexican spot, especially when you find out the first course includes options like bacon guac; the second, a chorizo burrito; and the third, dessert churros. Muy bueno.

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This Downtown beer hall has upped the brunch cocktail game with stuff like the pictured-above spiked iced coffee, with Stumptown brew and vodka; food-wise, it’s busting out two types of toast you need: 1) banana pudding French toast, and 2) avocado toast.

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This killer new farm-to-table Westside spot from the lauded Barnyard guy has a weekend menu that includes a crab-heavy French omelette and pancakes with lemon curd.

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The NoLa-themed barstaurant’s brunch game is Southern and strong: moonshine-laced Bloodys share menu space with fried oyster & bacon po-boys with heirloom tomato.

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This heart-of-Cahuenga hipster hotel is going the all-you-can-eat route, with $28 scoring you a smorgasbord of stuff that’ll save your weekend, including maple-glazed bacon and mac & cheese.