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30 Jun

Ledlow & Dudley Market – Eater LA

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LA’s Essential Weekday Breakfasts

Brunch is always a welcome retreat on the weekends, but it’s a little bit harder to find places that serve a great breakfast during the week. Since this city hosts so many people who work from home or get to enjoy odd hours (read: actors, writers, etc), there seems to be demand for those looking to enjoy the morning meal at someplace better than the corner diner.

From stylish West Hollywood or Beverly Hills breakfast spots perfect for a morning meeting, or a relaxed Eastside spot like Millie’s Cafe or Little Dom’s, or perhaps the hipster central that is SQIRL, here’s a helpful guide to the best weekday breakfast spots in L.A.

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17 May

Officine Brera – LA Weekly

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Restaurant Review: Officine Brera Serves Rich Italian to a Rich Arts District Crowd

If you took a straw poll among chefs on the most finicky dish to prepare in a restaurant kitchen, there’s a good chance that a classic Italian risotto would be on top. Achieving that perfect al dente texture requires babysitting and finesse, and even a small slip in timing means gummy rice, a scorched pan or what could be described as “rice soup.” Some restaurants par-cook their risotto in big batches and finish the dish to order with a flurry of butter and cheese, though even that trick is far from foolproof. Risotto may be a staple of fancy dining rooms everywhere, but few chefs can actually master it.

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09 May

Honeycut – Eater LA

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A Peek Inside The Deep End, the Wacky Cocktail Lounge Inside Honeycut

Plus a look at the cocktail menu

The Deep End, the half-a-week cocktail lounge at Honeycut that commenced back in March and helmed by Proprietors, LLC (The Normandie Club, Death & Co NYC), and 213 Hospitality, is finally ready to show off its bizarre and kind of awesome interior. Dubbed the “new escapism,” the lounge fuses a heavy dose of David Bowie and tiki, resulting in a postmodern pastiche of bright colors, futuristic lines, and of course, forward-thinking cocktails. But really, the place could just be a glorious 80s style homage.

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05 May

Jamba Juice – LA Eater

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Jamba Juice’s Concept Store Ramps Up the Juice Bar’s Ambiance and Menu

A step above your typical minimalist juice and smoothie shop

Jamba Juice’s Innovation Bar is currently under the knife in Old Town Pasadena but a quick peek inside shows some telling details of the new concept store. Announced back in November 2015, the store was set to reopen in January 2016 but it’s been delayed. Though still not open, Jamba Juice’s Innovation Bar has a wild new interior, with mid-century modern appointments, WiFi-enabled cafe seating, and bright gold blenders. The wallpaper’s got an artsy, colorful feel while the high ceilings and large windows allow for plenty of light — all the better to Instagram the experience.

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14 Apr

Honeycut – DT News

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Diving Into “The Deep End” at Honeycut

The bar Honeycut has been praised for its clever drinks, light-up dance floor and themed music nights with a rotation of solid DJs. But while the back-alley entrance line off Flower and Eighth streets grows long on weekend nights, it’s mellower during the week.

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